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”Time in Greece” Tuesday special w/ N. Angelidis and G. Nanis | 27 Feb. 2024

Every Tuesday the TIME IN GREECE is transformed into another… show with a different character, humor, strange news and friendly jokes between the contributors… Today you will learn about…

The former football player who stole an expensive vase and was caught in the act

About the transports cost that is sky rocketing… for passengers because of the Olympic Games

About women’s favorite cosmetic product Which one is it?

The ten worst foods of Greek cuisine

Τhe most expensive whiskeys in the world. How much did it sell for?

How Messi’s family was robbed

How a house was blown up because of a cockroach

What did Real Sociedad fans do to get close to their team in Portugal

What is the most expensive Olympic medal

How and why a pregnant woman was put in jail because of Manchester City

Finally we will know the history and we will listen to the anthem of PAS Minoiki F.C.

Presented by Nikos Angelidis and Grigoris Nanis

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