Time In Greece Nikolas Angelidis
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Time in Greece tribute to the Lavrion miners strike | 08 Apr. 2024

TIME IN GREECE goes back in a time and place that was stained with blood and marked our history… On this day in 1896 the multi-day militant strike mobilization of the miners broke out in Lavrion. Reacting to the inhumane working conditions, the brutal exploitation by employers and the unaccountability of the government that backed the conditions of slavery. The workers rose up, raised a voice of resistance and won the bet with history… It was the third large-scale strike mobilization in Kamariza (Agios Konstantinos Lavreotiki), preceded by two other powerful strikes in 1883 and 1887. Nikolas Angelidis takes us through the events of the time.

From Zimbabwe and Beijing, Buenos Aires and New York to Tokyo and Hanoi, the show features Greek expatriates and philhellenes who stand out with their actions.

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