Emily Loizou and Irene Skylakaki visit ”Our Town” | 06 Apr. 2024, 12:00

On Saturday, April 6, “Our Town” will host Emily Loizou and Irene Skylakaki .

Emily Loizou, an award-winning director, with participation in many performances in Greece and abroad, will talk to us about her most important productions both in London and Athens. The young director will refer to “fabulous creatures”, the play now being staged in London about the mythological monsters of the Odyssey. Emily will talk to us about the relationship between darkness and light that she often discusses, about the body and the voice, about poetry, literature, the philosophy she loves. Special references will be made to the performances she stages with the Collide company, which combines original musical composition, movement, dance, speech and text.

Songwriter Irini Skylakaki will refer to her many interesting compositions, the productions that became known and loved, her appearances at the En Lefko and Rockwave festivals and at the Athens Concert Hall. She will talk about her recordings in London, about favorite music that inspires her (Cohen, Bowie, Joni Mitchell), about her great experience with Jay-Jay Johanson that led to a very interesting collaboration.

In an interesting conversation with Themis Rodamitis, the two extremely talented artists will talk to us about their common collaboration, about London, which is the city of their creation, about the Attic light, friendships, travels, the artistic trends that stand out.