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Folklorist Miranda Terzopoulos on “Historical Walks” with Marilena Katsimi | 11 May 2024, 13:00

The brightest week of the year for our traditions is the one that follows Holy Week. The New Year’s Eve begins on Easter Sunday and ends on Thomas Sunday.
On Saturday, May 11th, at 13:00 Athens time, folklorist and ethnologist Miranda Terzopoulos will take us on a journey throughout Greece to get to know the customs and rituals of this week, which were previously celebrated like Easter itself, with dances, feasts and songs.

“Historical Walks” (”Ιστορικοί Περίπατοι”), ERT’s award-winning show, returns to the radio of Voice of Greece.

Marilena Katsimi and her guests take you on a tour of Greece and the world, presenting topics from both contemporary history and the historicity of current issues.

The show, with speakers who are recognized scientists, attempts through the popularization of knowledge to contribute to the promotion and demystification of difficult and often deliberately forgotten historical topics and to promote public debate.