From Rita Abatzi to Rita Hayworth: A radio documentary dedicated to two great women of the 20th c. | 10 Feb. 2024, 06.00am Athens time

A tribute to two legendary women born in the first half of the last century. From Europe to America and from Piraeus to New York, an ocean liner that travels the seas of East and West. Two voices that unite the interwar period with the first post-war years. Rita Abatzi in the decade 1930-1940 and Rita Hayworth in the decade 1950-1960.

The radio documentary develops on two parallel narrative axes. On one hand, the settlement and integration of refugees in the interwar period. Rita Abatzi, born in Izmir, carries all the refugees on her shoulders. Starting from Kokkinia, the largest refugee city in the country, which is its shack, she will begin her course on stage and in festivals. There she will meet with Stellakis and other great rebetiko composers and instrumentalists. Rita Abatzi will reach America and will record some of her most beautiful songs there.

On the other side, the American dream, the film industry, the three major American studios, McCarthyism and the witch hunt on film sets. Within this fragmented postwar context of America, a girl will appear whose image will remain indelible in the bunks of American soldiers on various war fronts. It was not so long, after all, that the atomic bomb was dropped. Rita Hayworth will mark American cinema with her presence in the early postwar years, when the context of the Cold War took its final form.