Musicologist Christos Tsiamoulis visits “Our Town” | 26 May 2024, 12:00

On Sunday, May 26 at 12:00-14:00, the show “Our Town” will host Christos Tsiamoulis.
The acclaimed composer, musicologist, performer, and soloist, will talk about how he became skilled in so many instruments (lute, nei, tambourine, kaval, Turkish lyre). The guest will talk about the important elements of Greek musical tradition and its value for our culture in general, but also about the open dialogues with other musical currents from different cultures.

As a music tutor, Mr. Tsiamouls will also refer to the conservatories, the music schools, and contemporary music production. He will mention the group “Dynameis tou Aegeani”, where he is a key member. He will also mention his collaborations and his teachers (S. Karras, L. Angelopoulos, Aidonidis, Samiou, Hatzidakis, etc.)

Alexandros Kapsokavadis, Panos Dimitrakopoulos, and Kyriakos Gouvendas, leading Greek music soloists, will speak about Christos Tsiamoudis.
Songs from his long recording career will be heard, and performed by him and other important performers.

Produced and presented by Themis Rodamitis
Broadcast: Sunday 26 May 12.00-14.00