Three young artists visit “Our Town” | 25.05.2024, 12:00

Our Town” gives voice to young people and groups who often, through difficulties, carve out beautiful paths in art and life.
On Saturday, May 25 at 12:00-13:00 Athens time, the show will host three young and emerging artists: theatre director Dimitris Stavropoulos and actresses Danai Filidou and Marialena Ilia, on the occasion of the theatrical play “Abelard and Heloise” performed at Plyfa theater.
The three guests in the studio will talk about the powerful text written by Yiannis Kalabrianos, based on the unique story that unfolded in the dark years of the Middle Ages. A moving and unique theatrical production that causes excitement, reflections and strong emotions, leaving the viewers wholly content at the end of the day.
The show will also raise philosophical questions about social impasses of today that raise concerns, including the value of love in life, the cultivation of a mindset against stereotypes and and creative freedom and expression.

Produced and presented by Themis Rodamitis
Broadcast date : Saturday 25 May 2024 12.00-13.00 Athens time
Rerun: Sunday 26 May 2024 time: 04.00-05.00