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Anna Griva and Mania Meziti on ”Imprint” | 21 Dec. 2023

On Thursday, December 21st, at 12:00 Greek time, the show “Imprint” with Fouli Zavitsanou hosts Anna Griva and Mania Meziti at the studio of Voice of Greece, on the occasion of the publication of the Anthology of poems by Iranian women poets (10th-21st c.) “Naked as a knife” by Syrtari Publications.

Anna Griva and Mania Meziti, translators and poets, have written the foreword, edited and rendered this very interesting poetry collection, which enables the Greek reading public to get to know the valuable poetic tradition of Iranian women’s voices.

We talk about the collection, about the Iranian women, about the artistic and socio-political dimension of their work and about our relationship with this very distant and at the same time so familiar culture.

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