Imprint Fuli Zavitsanou
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Diotima Center’s campaign for the Elimination οf Violence on ”Imprint” | 23 Nov. 2023

On Thursday, November 23, 12:00 Greek time, the show ”Imprint” with Fuli Zavitsanou meets Natasa Kefallinou, communications manager at Diotima Center, on the occasion of November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Gender-Based Violence.

She talks to us about the actions of the Diotima Center, which has at its core the prevention and handling of gender-based violence, about the struggle, at Greek and European level, for the elimination of gender discrimination and, of course, about the digital campaign #ActNow which will be screened simultaneously in Spain, Italy, Greece, and Belgium, on the occasion of November 25th.

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