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Greeks Around The World: Nicolas Panagiotopoulos (Greece in Luxembourg) | 12.03.2023

On Sunday, March 12, the broadcasting program “Greeks Around the World” is joined by Nicolas Panagiotopoulos, lawyer, Head of Division for Corporate and Institutional Affairs and acting Secretary General of the European Investment Fund.
Mr. Nicolas Panagiotopoulos was born into a Greek family and raised in Germany, where he attended school and university. He pursued postgraduate studies in France (Sorbonne University) and the United States (Columbia University) before returning to Europe to work with an international law firm. Subsequently, and since 2007, he has been a prominent member of the European Investment Fund. He talks with Efthymios Sipetzis about his personal journey and shares his valuable insight on the work, operation, and objectives of the European Investment Fund, as well as the role of European institutions in Luxembourg, among others.
(Note: The broadcasting program was recorded before the tragic accident at Tempi)”.
Research – Presentation: Efthymios Sipetzis Linguist, Graduate of the University of Cambridge – Professor of Humanities in Luxembourg.


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