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Greeks Around the World: Maria Damilakou (Greece in Argentina) | 19.11.2023

Greeks Around The World : Greece in Argentina | Listen to the pilot episode of VoG’s new show presented by Christina Tsardikos | 19.11.2023, 10.00

Voice of Greece, ERT’s global radio, has included the “Greeks around the world” series in its program since 2022. These are shows curated by Greeks abroad, in the country where they live, introducing us to our fellow Greeks and their local activities. The start was made with ‘Greece in Denmark‘, then moved on to ‘Greece in Luxembourg‘ and now we are pleased to announce that ‘Greece in Argentina’ is also joining this project.

The new show “Greeks around the world – Greece in Argentina” is the result of a collaboration between Voice of Greece and the Greek Cultural Organization “Nostos” based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The show is curated and presented by Christina Tsardikou, the president of the organization “Nostos”.

Dr. Christina Tsardikou was born in Buenos Aires to Greek parents. She is a doctor and professor of biomedical physics and surgery. She is President of the Union of Greek Writers and Writers of the Five Continents EELSPI as well as Coordinator for Latin America of the International Society of Friends of Nikos Kazantzakis. She curated and presented the radio show “Antamosis” (2001 – 2010) and the online TV show “Nostos, return to our roots” (2021-2023). She has been honored for her professional activities by the National Academy of Medicine of Argentina and for her cultural contribution with the “Greek Women of the World” award (2023) by Unesco Greece, the University of Patras and the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy.

The first episode “Greeks around the World – Greece in Argentina” will be broadcast on Sunday, November 19, 2023, at 10:00 Greek time, featuring Professor Maria Damilakou.

Maria Damilakou is an Assistant Professor at the Department of History of the Ionian University, specializing in the “History of the American Continent“. Since 2003 she has been teaching the course History of Latin America at the Hellenic Open University, in the “Spanish Language and Culture” program. She has taken part in several research projects related to immigration, labor and identity issues in South American countries. She is the author of books “Greek Immigrants in Argentina: Construction and Transformations of an Immigrant Community, 1900-1970 (2004)” and “History of Latin America from the end of colonialism until today” (2014). She has edited the works “Subjects and Tendencies of Contemporary Latin American Historiography”, EMNE – Mnemon(2010) and “Simón Bolívar. The Liberator of Consciences. Fundamental Texts” Notios Anemos, (2014) as well as the book “200 years from the Revolutionary Movements for the Independence of Latin America, 1810-2010” EMNE – Mnemon, (2011). She recently co-edited the book: Maria Damilakou and Yannis G. S. Papadopoulos (eds.), ‘Migration and Development in Southern Europe and South America‘, Routledge, 2022.

The series “Greeks around the world – Greece in Argentina” will be broadcast every 3rd Sunday of the month live from Buenos Aires.
Curated – Hosted by Christina Tsardikou

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