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Infinitely Curious: Eternal youth | 10 March 2024

Who wants to live forever? And if we do, could we? Avoiding illnesses and disabilities of old age and getting rid of the signs of ageing isn’t that everyone’s dream? Bathing with the water of life as if one were 20 years old again? Or is it wiser to put up with our wrinkles and accept who we are and our frailty and try to live well in every age we are in?

Listen to this episode of Infinitely Curious, the English-language show of Voice of Greece with Katerina Batzaki, and dive into the wonders of the science of anti-ageing – or better ‘the science of how can one become young again’.

How much is it about science and how much about nutrition lifestyle, psychology and genes?

Listen to scientists Nir Barzilai from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, Morgan Levin, Maria Blasco, Judith Campisi of the Buck Institute in the US, Tamara TchkoniaJames Kirkland of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester US as well as biotechnologist and drug hunter Ned David, how cellular reprogramming, regeneration using blood, controlling senescence, lengthening telomeres can treat ageing at its source and also how equally important it is to prolong life through less costly methods such as intermittent fasting, healthy food, positive psychology and regular exercise.

Produced and presented by Katerina Batzaki
Original broadcast date: 10 March 2024

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