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Like Odysseus with Nikol Liakostavrou | 13 Apr. 2024

TEMPE: We speak with Georgios Iliopoulos, lawyer, and father of a survivor of the “crime of Tempe”, as characterized and defined by the title of the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry.

Mr Georgios Iliopoulos works in Lagadas, Thessaloniki and is a member of the Association of the Victims of Tempe in Thessaloniki. He is the one who provided data, findings and information to the members of the inquiry.

His son was in the third wagon.

The case file was never given to the inquiry, although the President of the chair, Dimitris Markopoulos, on the day of Maria Karystianou’s testimony in Parliament, in the end, announced, I heard it and saw it myself, that the next day the file would be given to everyone.

The inquiry ended abruptly…

Long after, conditions at the Hellenic Railway have still not changed.

For example, in Serres there are two unguarded crossings or 25 unguarded crossings in the wider inner periphery, staff reduced, contracts are “renewed” or change hands, and so on.

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