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Like Odysseus with Nikol Liakostavrou | 17 Feb. 2024

“A slap in the face for Greece in Strasbourg”

“The European Parliament plenary resolution asks for an examination of whether European funds are correctly given to Greece despite violations of the rule of law; The resolution was voted by 330 in favor and 254 against, despite the efforts of the European right to block it. ● 7 MEPs of the European People’s Party also voted in favor.”

In the midst of and at the end of the Parliamentary Investigation Committee about the Crime of Tempe, this happened as well.

Greece was voted down by the European Parliament for violations about the rule of law in Greece.

(source: I Efimerida ton Syntakton journal (Greek cooperative daily newspaper) and not only, issue of Thursday, February 8th, 2024, by Maria Psara)

Αλλ΄ η Δίκη γαρ και κατά σκότον βλέπει” – Euripides
(But Justice also sees in the dark)