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Like Odysseus with guest Pavlos Karpodinis | 23.12.2023

Pavlos Karpodinis is on Odysseus’ boat to tell us, sing to us, interpret and explain why “Great Loves Take Time”!

Pavlos shares personal stories of his own journey with notes, lyrics and a wonderful voice!

Pavlos Karpodinis began his musical quests in his teenage years by participating in bands. In 2002 he created together with Nikos Diamantopoulos the musical group “Omoron”.

Their first album with their own songs, lyrics and music was entitled “First Transmission”. Anastasia Moutsatsou and Mariana Efstratiou also participated in this album. Along with his live performances, in 2013 he released his first personal album “The aromas of fate”. A section of seven songs based on personal experiences and which, as he comments, “aim to share with you big and small moments of a journey of nostalgia, love, romance through actual personal stories…”.