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”The Religion of the dagger”: Encomium to Charlotte Corday | 06 Apr. 2024

“THE RELIGION OF THE DAGGER – Encomium of Charlotte Corday
(by philosopher Michel Onfray)

The 24-year-old Norman who killed Marat. Corday was educated, from an aristocratic but poor family.Refusing to raise her glass to the king’s health, she cheerfully said that she would not marry, because the man who would become her master had not been born, she would not be crowned “Lady” and by her act she would immobilize a deadly political machine. By killing one, he believed he would save thousands, as he boldly stated before the Court.

(source: the notes of the translator of the book Sappho Diamanti, Exandas Publications, Athens 2011, mined from the newspaper “DIADROMI ELEFTHERIAS”)