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V. Papastergiadis, President of the Greek Community of Melbourne, on “Greece in the World” | 29 May 2024

The Hellenic Tourism Organization (HTO) has announced the opening of its office based in the Hellenic Center in Melbourne, as well as the immediate recruitment for the position of Head, based at the Hellenic Center of the Greek Community of Melbourne and area of ​​local jurisdiction over Australia, New Zealand, and the Oceania Islands.

The president of the Greek Community of Melbourne, Vassilis (Bill) Papastergiadis, expressed his satisfaction with this development, speaking on “Voice of Greece” and the show “Greece in the World” with Giorgos Dionysopoulos, noting that the Greek Community of Melbourne has been working on the new EOT office in Oceania for 9 years, promoting the request for the operation of an EOT office in Oceania, during which they did contacts and requests to the Greek Government, the relevant ministries and relevant bodies.

“For me it is something very important because our goal is to bring our country closer to the expatriates, wherever they are,” said Mr. Papastergiadis, adding that the EOT office in the Greek Centre, in the heart of Melbourne, will build a bridge between the two countries, will contribute to the promotion of the history, culture and rich heritage of our country, and it will increase the number of Australians who will choose Greece for holidays.

Mr Papastergiadis said that the Greek Community of Melbourne is committed to providing the necessary space for the hosting of the EOT offices in the Greek Centre building. “We do this because we want to support the Greek government, which helped our community financially when we faced a crisis in 1990. We are grateful for this and we are trying in our own way to reciprocate”, he added.

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