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”Voices and Music”tribute to Dimitris Lagios | 10 Apr. 2024

“Voices and music” pays tribute to composer Dimitris Lagios.

Dimitris Lagios was born in Zakynthos on April 7th, 1952. Son of Spyros Lagios and Maria, born Tetradi, from Zakynthos. He studied piano, guitar, and music theory at the National Conservatory. His teachers were composers Michalis Vourtsis and Dimitris Dragatakis. He continued his musical studies in America at the University of Illinois, Chicago (1974-78, analysis of music under Professor Ernest Brown), where, at the same time, he began to engage in research on pre-revolutionary song in Greece. In America he met his later wife, Peggy Foinini.

The episode is dedicated to the Greek musician and composer Dimitris Lagios.
The multi-talented creator, although he passed away prematurely at the age of 39, has left us with important musical and educational work.
He is set to music by beloved Greek poets, writing songs with his own, unique style and refined aesthetics.

The show ”Voices and Music” with Alexis Kostas hosts known and lesser-known artists, performers, and musicians from Greece and the Greek Diaspora.

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