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Voices and Music tribute to Poly Panou | 25.10.2022

The broadcasting program “Voices and Music” presented and curated by Alexis Kostas had a tribute to the singer Poly Panou.

She was born in Athens on October 28, 1940, but grew up in Patras. Her real name is Polytimi Bitha (or according to some, Polytimi Koliopanou) and she is one of the most significant Greek folk singers.

With her first teacher being a jukebox when she was still at a young age, she managed to evolve over the years and become a popular star of Greek music, who until today stands out for her purely folk voice and her indelible successes.

Poly Panou left her mark by being the first to sing the song “Never on Sunday”, which later became a great success.

Initially, together with Panos Gavalas, she founded the record company “Vendetta” and from the beginning and over the years, she evolved into perhaps the purest interpreter of classic folk singing. It’s no coincidence that she made some of her greatest hits, re-singing some of the most characteristic Zeibekiko and Hasapiko songs of the genre.

Her story begins when she was still young, running away from primary school and going up to the Psila Alonia neighborhood, in a café that “was the first to have a jukebox”. This was also “the first teacher”. Still a primary school student, she liked to sing the song “Otan tha po to Ach!” the heavy zeibekiko of Stavros Tzouanakos, which had just been released.

Presented and curated by Alexis Kostas


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