Cybele Castoriadis and Orestis Kalabalikis visit ”Our Town” | 11.12.2023, 19:00

On Monday, December 11th, the show “Our Town” will host Cybèle Castoriadis and Orestis Kalampalikis.

The two musicians will talk about their many interesting collaborations in discography, lyrics and music, their joint appearances.

The show will play their songs, some of them live in the studio, for the listeners of Voice of Greece.

References will be made to the special concert venues, the young musicians in the city of Paris, as well as to the Greek diaspora that lives there. Cybèle will about her father Cornelius’ musical preferences, the sounds that influenced her, the books she read, her multifaceted relationship with art.

During the show there will be a discussion about her new album “La fille de la lune” and about the work “songs for a blue cloud”, for which she collaborated with Orestis. The two artists will make references to the classical performers of French music scene (Barbara, Brel, Brassens, etc.) who have influenced their musical pursuits.

Special reference will be made to Tinos, her parents’ favorite island, but also her own, as she spends her summers there.

Curated and presented by Themis Rodamitis