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Nadia Pithara and Fotini Kapellaki on ”Our Town” | 11.11.2023, 12.00-13.00

On Saturday, November 11, at 12:00-13:00 Greek time (rerun on Sunday, November 12, at 01:00-02:00), the show “Our Town” presents Nantia Pithara and Foteini Kapellaki.

Performer and actress Nantia Pythara talks about her interesting studies both in Greece and abroad, about her participation in theater and television, about her creative approach to singing and music, which combines personal inspiration with a collective perception of art.

Poet and actress Foteini Kapellaki, with significant studies and participation in theater and now also in poetry, talks about what inspires her in the field of Letters, as well as her philosophical pursuits.

Both award-winning artists, they join the show in the studio to talk about their favorite cities, the human touch that gives them the power to create, in a unique and personal way, and to collaborate with important directors, actors, and musicians.

The show features music from the English-speaking indie rock band Least Concern, in which Nantia Pythara participates as a singer, and also readings of poems by Foteini Kapellaki from her collection “The Minimal Body”.

Curated and presented by Themis Rodamiths