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Vegan chef Konstantinos Dimoulas on ”Voices and Music” | 19 Feb. 2024, 18.00

On Monday, February 19th, 2024, Alexis Kostas welcomes a special guest on “Voices and Music”, chef Konstantinos Dimoulas.

Konstantinos Dimoulas was born in Germany in 1981. He completed his studies in interior architecture and decoration, but being a restless spirit he experimented in many different specialties to find what would “suit” him. In 2008, he decided to become vegan, which eventually became the reason for rekindling his love of cooking, which he had been involved with since a young age. In 2019, he created Beets-me.com and since then every week he has invited his audience to his online kitchen where he shares new recipes and cooking tips.

In October 2021, he launches his first vegan cookbook, “Fast-food Otherwise”, and he reintroduces us to vegan cuisine, teaching us how to cook deliciously and healthily.

Produced and presented by Alexis Kostas
Broadcast: Monday 19 February, 18.00-19.00