Our Town Themis Rodamitis
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3 women poets visit ”Our Town” | 13 Apr. 2024

Tonia Tzirita-Zacharatou, Ioanna Loutsia and Nandy Hatzigeorgiou talk about “Grafoules”, a group of “emergency” writers, as they call it, who have been operating on the street in various areas of Athens for a year, inspired by the idea of the poet’s social contact with the world, writing and reciting poems in public space, among passers-by and raising issues that concern them.

The guests in the studio read their poems, one of them taken “out of the trash”; they talk about their involvement with other arts, about their experiences and inspirations, about their original project through which there is coexistence with conflict, modern with old, contrast with contradiction.

We are told that “where there is a sense of neighborhood, the performance and result of the effort pays off much more creatively.”

The three poets also talk about the project entitled “The poem moves and brings the month” where every 1st of the month they read poetry on the bus together with Danae Siozou and Pavlina Marvin, an initiative of the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus in collaboration with OSY.

There are songs by women songwriters with a special style that opened a creative path in their space.

The show ‘‘Our Town” with Themis Rodamitis attempts to establish a distinct ‘radio society’. A town within a town, occupied by intriguing personalities, cultural spaces and organizations, musicians, and theatrical groups who altogether build new social trails through culture, art, music, and poetry. It might initially sound utopic, but at the end of the day, the show simply aims to slightly enrich our lives and our everyday routine by keeping us good company.