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Chalandri is ”Our Town’ | 12.11.2023

On Saturday, November 12, “Our Town” featured a tribute to Chalandri.

People who live in the city like painters Nikos Oikonomidis and Petros Zoumpoulakis, director – author Sergios Gkakas, Chilean musician Alejandro Diaz Corvalan, founder of the historical gallery “Chrysothemis” Zoe Psarrou, University Professor Nancy Siafaka, director Spyros Vrachoritis, and actor Charis Mavroudis speak on today’s show.

Participants “bring to life” features of the city, referring to the free university of the Municipality, the oral history group, the Theatre of Rematia, the Aetopouleio, the famous Adrianeio aqueduct, the Euripides bookstore, the Chrysothemis gallery where Yannis Ritsos and Louis Aragon attended the opening, the educational associations, the theatre groups, the historic train coming from Lavrio, the nights of solidarity and artistic events.

The show also focuses on a text by Manos Eleftheriou concerning artists who lived in Chalandri, such as Orestis Makris, Anna and Maria Kalouta, Gina Bachauer, Petros Koutsoukis, and others. Entertainment centers, cafés, old cinemas, sports activities, the city’s many artistic graffiti art sightings, the small taverns, the squares, as well as young people’s intense night life are also mentioned.