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Christos Michalakelis on “Take Your Time” | 10 May 2024

Dr. Christos Michalakelis, ”Study in Greece” President, was hosted today, Friday, May 10, by “Voice of Greece” and the show “Take Your Time” with Prokopis Agelopoulos, on the occasion of the Cooperation Protocol for linkiNg the Academic world of Greece with the Greek Community and supporting the internationalization of Greek higher education. The Protocol was signed on Tuesday, April 30, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Giorgos Kotsiras and the President of “Study in Greece” Christos Michalakelis.

Mr. Michalakelis stated that “Greek Universities, now with a modern legislative framework, have the possibility – and have – as a high priority internationalization, i.e. offering courses in the English language, both undergraduate and postgraduate” and clarified that “this concerns all Academic and educational activities that could contribute to the relations between Greece and the rest of the Academic community”.

Referring to the role of Greek Diaspora when it comes to Greek languageculture, he emphasized that they have an important role, because these programs also concern the members of Greek Diaspora. The President of “Study in Greece” also added that “for the children of the second and third generation Greeks, we plan special programs to attract them to summer schools, to get to know their roots, to speak the language of their ancestors and to study in English-language programs in Greece, where Greek language is also taught and this is one of the main goals.