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Dimitris Nanopoulos on ”Our Town” | 26.11.2023

On Sunday, November 26, at 12:00-14:00 Greek time (rerun on Monday, November 27, at 01:00-03:00), the show “Our Town” features Dimitri Nanopoulos.

The Professor of High Energy Physics and President of the Academy of Athens speaks about CERN’s latest research, the magical world of the universe, the randomness of existence, the evolution of man.

In an open discussion with Themis Rodamitis, references are made to concepts such as: Freedom, friendship, shame, guilt, fear, love, pleasure, happiness.

The show focuses on the professor’s thoughts on social inequality, overpopulation, climate change, the value of democracy and dialogue. He states that he “remains enthusiastic about simple everyday things”, while stressing the value of fairy tales and play in our lives.

He also speaks about his place of origin, Epirus, to his exciting life in Victoria Square, New York, Paris.

In a rare appearance on a radio show, our guest talks about his favorite pre-Socratic philosophers, about education, about his love of the radio, music, the cinema, and about the relationship between art and science in general.

A fascinating and revealing conversation with a unique human being and scientist.