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Eleni Arapoglou on ”Voice of Greece” | 16.01.2024

On Tuesday, January 16th, 2024, at 18.00 Athens time, the show “Voices and Music” with Alexis Kostas hosted the performer and musician Eleni Arapoglou.

The creative and well-traveled musician live in the studio of Voice of Greece, just before appearing on the stage of the Half Note Jazz Club alongside New York pianist Joel LaRue Smith, her friend and collaborator from the time they were both at Tufts Uni. in Boston (she as Director of the Tufts Jazz Orchestra and he as Professor of Jazz Studies.)

The Greek singer and creator was born in London, and currently lives between Athens and New York. She has studied theater and music at Berklee College of Music and Tufts University in Boston. She collaborates with Carnegie Hall as a teaching artist, but also with the innovative music program El Sistema Greece. This year, she returns to Athens for a musical meeting called “From Boston, to New York, to Athens.

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