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Eliza Soroga on ”Our Town” | 25 Mar. 2024

The award-winning performing artist and director talks about the performance seminars she does through the site specific program, where the development of spatial perception is based on the body by introducing the concepts of time, scale, trust, touch, of spatial memory and hearing.

She tells us that “the architectural elements of a space (doors, windows, wall, etc.), the diffusion of light and the choreography of daily life, constitute the canvas of observation”.

References are made to the expanding theater and how the site performance perceives the public space as an infinite stage”.

She talks to us about the pioneering project she is doing in London and Japan in private spaces, but also in open commercial streets.

Reference will be made to the show in the documentary “the story of a burning peach” shown on erflix as well as the “architecture and performance” think tank.

She also talks about the importance of the body, about the butoh dance she teaches, about her studies in the theater scene and in the field of clowning. Reference is also made to the production he is preparing regarding the recording of the legends on the island of Kythira.