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Giorgos Pavrianos visits ”Our Town” | 16 Mar. 2024

On Saturday, March 16th, 2024 at 12:00-13:00, “Our Town” hosted Giorgos Pavrianos.

The lyricist, journalist and author talked about the inspirations of the lyrics he wrote, which were set to music and sung by important composers and performers, and were a great success.

In the show, he talked to us about the importance of the word “mother” in his writing, about his memories of his city of Patras, about his intense student years.

The guest refered to his experience on Mount Athos, his long-standing friendships, the importance of solitude.

He made references to his fascinating relationship with Manos Hadjidakis and the time when he collaborated with the Third Program, Tsarouchis, Tahtsis and his series “The Third Wedding Wreath” which he directed, Melina, Bellou, his special relationships with ladies of the cinema, the great intellectual people of a special era.

Giorgos Pavrianos talked about his friendship and collaboration with Spatharis and refered to his book “Alive at Zonars” and his professional relationship with big and popular magazines.

The show featured songs with his own lyrics and commentary.