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Greeks around the World”: Rodolfos Maslias (Greece in Luxembourg) | 16.07.2023

This episode of the show “Greeks Around the World” – Greece in Luxembourg features an interesting conversation between Professor Makis Sipentzis and Rodolfo Maslias.

Mr. Rodolfo Maslias is a prominent member of the Greek community of Luxembourg, where he has lived and worked for the past 43 years! In the past, he was the founder of the Terminology Coordination Unit in the European Parliament, based in Luxembourg, and has for several years been head of that department. Among other positions of responsibility, he has served as an advisor to political figures on cultural issues and as Director of International Relations at the organization “Thessaloniki: European Capital of Culture 1997”. Today, he is a Visiting Professor of Terminology and Multilingual Communication while at the same time being involved with the “Association for Hellenic Culture in Luxembourg”, of which he is a founding member.

Research – Presented by : Efthymios Sipentzis – Linguist, Graduate of the University of Cambridge; Professor of Humanities in Luxembourg

Curated by Gianna Triantafylli

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