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Mikael Delta on ”Our Town” | 10 Mar. 2024

On Sunday, March 10th, at 12:00-14:00, the show “Our Town” hosted Mikael Delta.

The charismatic composer and writer talked in the studio about his music, his books, but also about issues that concern him intensely.

Among other things, references were made to “love for the eternal”, to “imagination as the creation of a person”, to beauty, honesty, justice, courage. The guest refered to the role of the family and especially the mother towards the child, the value of the will to act, the distinction between devotion and faith. He will talk about the cinema he loves, the theater, the music he listens to.

Mikael Delta refered to his neighborhood, his favorite routes in the city, his many interesting trips and will read his texts.

In a discussion with Themis Rodamitis, dominated by memory, they also talked about the first experience they lived together in the maiden appearance of Stereo Nova at Cafe Performance.