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Our Town: An episode on ‘flirting’! | 19 Feb. 2024

On Monday, February 19th, 19:00-20:00 the show “Our Town” paid tribute to “flirting”, with guests composer and songwriter Thodoros Anastasiou and performer Nana Binopoulou.
The two artists played songs written by Anastasiou as well as others by Hadjidakis, John Lennon, Karaindrou, etc., in the studio of Voice of Greece.

Thodoros Anastasiou talked on the show about his interesting personal artistic career, his records, his collaboration with the special performer Nana Binopoulou.

We listened to readings of texts about flirting, romance, love.

A special show that looks for the “lost art of flirting”. which is a simple and enchanting interaction between people, a light longing but also a quick noisy breath that one can playfully share with others.

Produced and presented by Themis Rodamitis