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Our Town: Sappho through the eyes of Tassoula Karageorgiou | 24 Feb. 2024

Our Town” makes a small tribute to Sappho.

In the studio, the important and award-winning poet Tasoula Karageorgiou talks to us about the poetry of Sappho for whom she published a very important work entitled “Sappho – the poems”, where she prefaces, translates and presents us excellent notes about the leading poet. About Sappho’s poetry, we could say in one sentence that “the triumph of beauty constantly springs up”.

Tasoula Karageorgiou talks with Themis Rodamitis about her studies at the School of Philosophy, about her very important career in poetry, essay and letters in general, about her contact with young people through her teaching at the “Takis Sinopoulos” Foundation, about her relationship with ancient myths and how she sees them today. She refers to the layered language she uses in poetry, her hometown of Alexandria and her memories of it, and will read her poems. References are made to the very important awards of this great poet and personality.

The show also make a small reference to the recently lost great poet and dear friend Giorgos Blanas.

Produced and presented by Themis Rodamitis