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”Our Town” tribute to Dimos Moutsis | 17 Mar. 2024

The important creator, composer and performer who passed away a few days ago, leaves us a very great legacy of his wonderful songs that were sung by great performers and the whole world.

The show featured talks by his scholar Stavros Kartsonakis, sound engineer Stelios Giannakopoulos who told us stories from the studio, and songwriter and producer Moses Asser

There were references to his interaction with intellectual people, his relationship with politics, football and painting, but also to the esteem he had for his colleagues, singing songs such as “I will be judged” by Lagios and “No we must not meet” by Markopoulos, as Kartsonakis told us.

Moutsis managed to leave an important imprint in the art of singing. Favorite songs by great performers wERE be performed and a live program by young musicians was held in the ERA studio in memory of the composer. The young musicians will be: Nikos Apostolopoulos, Andreas Anagnostopoulos, Jason Drigiannakis.