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”Our Town” tribute to Napoleon Lapathiotis | 30 Mar. 2024

On Saturday, March 30rd, the show “Our Town” pays a tribute to Napoleon Lapathiotis, as this year marks the 80th anniversary of his death.

Special references are made to his poetry, as well as to his texts published in literary magazines of the time.

Invited to the studio, director and writer Takis Spetsiotis refers to the poet’s short and turbulent life, his bold lyrics, as well as his provocative personal life, which made him a unique and highly curated figure in conservative Athens of the ’20s. References are made to the hangouts he frequented, the everyday people he talked to, as well as his relations with the writers of the time.

Takis Spetsiotis reads Lapathiotis’ poems and makes special reference to his film about him entitled “Meteor and Shadow”, which became a sensation and was discussed when it was screened in the mid-80s.

You can listen to the melodies of famous creators of Lapathiotis’ poetry, as well as rebetika songs that he listened to in the groups of Piraeus where he often went from Exarchia where he lived.