Our Town Themis Rodamitis
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Our Town with Themis Rodamitis

The broadcasting program “Our Town” of the Voice of Greece made a tribute to poet and lyricist Manos Eleftheriou.

Guest in the studio, Lili Eleftheriou, his sister, talked about his everyday moments, his relationships with his fellow artists and friends.

George Dalaras talked about his long relationship and deep friendship with Manos Eleftheriou, making special reference to his poetry and its timeless value.

Themis Rodamitis spoke about Manos Eleftheriou’s humor and the most characteristic aspects of his personality, which made him unique and very loved.

During the episode, there was also mention of his relation to theater, to fairy tales, his passion for collections and his rare generosity.

Curated and presented by: Themis Rodamitis