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Stavros Avgoustidis, Ambassador of Greece to Cyprus, on ”Our Town” | 11 Mar. 2024

On Monday, March 11th, at 19:00-20:00, the show “Our Town” hosted the Ambassador of Cyprus in Athens Stavros Avgoustidis.

The distinguished and award-winning ambassador for his important work spoke about the tragic anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, which this year completes 50 years, as well as the 20th anniversary of the accession of Cyprus to the European Union.

Reference was be made to Cyprus as a factor of peace in the Eastern Mediterranean, to the missing persons, to the enclaved Cypriots who are dramatically reduced.

Mr. Avgoustidis referred to the many and important initiatives taken by the Embassy of Cyprus for a perspective that will combine innovation, science, business, education, new technologies and culture.

He told us that this is an open embassy that aims to network all Cypriots, personalities and businessmen in Greece.

Reference was also made to the collaboration with Voice of Greece and ERT, which aims to highlight the contribution of Greeks abroad to the Cypriot struggle and cultural exchanges, bringing expatriate Greeks closer to the current needs of the island.

Mr. Stavros Avgoustidis also talked to us about his love for culture and especially for the visual arts where he is creatively active.

References were made to the actions that take place “at the House of Cyprus” for culture.