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String Demons on Voices and Music

On Thursday, December 8, 2022, the String Demons were guests on the “Voice of Greece” on the broadcasting program “Voices and Music”, curated and presented by Alexis Kostas, at 18.00 Greece local time.

The music of the String Demons, Lydia and Konstantinos Boudounis to some, emanates vigor and special energy, timbres, and emotions. It doesn’t matter what genre of music the song they cover belongs to, whether it’s rock or traditional. After all, for them, music is a common language.

On the occasion of the concert that they gave on Monday, December 12 at Stavros tou Notou, the String Demons, siblings Lydia and Konstantinos Boudounis, talk to Alexis Kostas about everything that inspires them, from classical music to Greek traditional/folk music, rock, heavy metal, pop, Byzantine chants.

Presented and curated by Alexis Kostas


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