Take Your Time Prokopis Angelopoulos
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Take Your Time with Prokopis Agelopoulos | 07 June 2024

The Friday, June 7th episode comprised two main thematic sections. We met two more candidates for the June 9th European elections: KKE candidate Mr Kostas Papadakis, who is a social worker and ANTARSYA candidate, Mrs Sylvia Koilakou, Civil Engineer.
We also had two guests who discussed the high cost of living, which is the number one criterion for voters’ choices on Sunday. The president of INKA (General Consumer’s Federation of Greece), George Lechouritis, referred to the causes leading to the great price increases seen in recent years in ferry tickets; business consultant, economist and member of the Economic Chamber, Giorgos Floras on oligopolies on the Greek market that leave little to no room for reaction for the consumer to lower his expenditure in consumer goods.

The show was also dedicated to Cinema, on the occasion of the Greek Film Festival in Los Angeles, where ERTFLIX International platform will be presented on Saturday, June 8th, in a “round table” in which topics such as film and TV series production in Greece and through ERTFLIX will be discussed. Moreover, they will discuss how subscription platforms and other formats that have taken a large share of film production internationally have changed the industry. Festival artistic director, Aris Katopodis spoke to us on the show from Los Angeles.