Take Your Time Prokopis Angelopoulos
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Take Your Time with Prokopis Agelopoulos | 21 May 2024

On Tuesday, May 21, 2024, we “traveled” to Naxos to talk with the cycladesopen.gr journalist, Irini Probona about issues related to the environment, the management of coasts and the Natura-protected areas, and how the tourist season started in relation to the new legislation for umbrella seats on the island’s beaches.

In the second half hour, we contacted by phone Mr. Athanasios Exadaktilos, chairman of the Panhellenic Medical Association and MEP candidate with the New Democracy in the elections of June 9, with whom we talked mainly about Public Health issues. Specifically, we asked him to take a position on the issue of the adequacy of the medical staff in the NHS, the partnership between the Public and Private Sectors that makes Public Health more expensive, the flight of our doctors abroad and also his assessment of the management that took place during the three years of the pandemic.