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The creators of the doc. series ‘Islands on the Edge’ on “Imprint”| 23 May 2024

On Thursday, 23 May 2024, Fuli Zavitsanou hosted in the studio of Voice of Greece filmmaker/cinematographer Dionysia Kopana and filmmaker/film editor Yorgos Savoglou, the creators of the documentary series “Islands on the Edge” which is currenty airing on ERT3 channel.The series portrays the life of a few inhabitants on small outlying islands. 
The series creators talked about these tiny, scarcely inhabited Greek islands of unique character and exquisite fragility, which are captured in the series through the eyes of their few inhabitants -about their history, their culture but also about the threats that overshadow them: both absolute desolation and mass tourism. They also talked about their own, lived experiences and the overall experience of this unique and moving project.

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