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Themis Kallos about the 42nd Greek Festival of Sydney | 04 Apr. 2024

Themis Kallos, Director of SBS Greek Program in Australia, was a guest on “Take Your Time” with Prokopis Angelopoulos, on the occasion of the 42nd Greek Festival in Sydney.

As Mr Kallos said, the diaspora is going through a period of cultural spring and extends Greek culture to the whole of Australia, through the Greek Festival of Sydney. Mr Kallos mentioned one of the high-quality events, the one for the great Nikos Kazantzakis and stressed that towards the end of the month they are waiting in Australia for the singer Dimitris Basis to perform the emblematic work Axion Esti by M. Theodorakis and O. Elytis.

The Festival lasts 3.5 months, includes 33 quality cultural events and as the Director of SBS Greek Program added, every year it is upgraded and something new is added.