”Our Town”: Athens through the eyes of Artemis Skoumpourdi | 17.12.2023, 12:00

On Sunday, December 17, 12:00-14:00 Greece local time (rerun on Monday, December 18, at 01:00-03:00), the show “Our Town” features a historical tribute to the neighborhoods of downtown Athens.

In the studio, guide and art historian Artemis Skoumpourdi tells wonderful stories, traditions and monuments, she talks about the streets, the buildings, the squares, but also about values and events, love, in a radio walk in Plaka, Monastiraki, Psirri. The show features special references that shed light on important aspects of the history and social life of its citizens.

Special mention is made to Alexandros Papadiamantis, to Byron, to some of the heroes of the Greek Revolution of 1821 who once lived here, to the Koutsavakides. The show features information about the garden of Epicurus, Aristotle’s Lyceum, Hadrian’s great works and especially about his library, which was full of life and was a great commercial center, about the theater of Dionysus, the Aerides, and the Ancient Agora, which was the cradle of democracy. In particular, the show focuses on issues of education, everyday life, as well as scientific achievements taking place in the region.

The show features music played by significant soloists from Greece and around the world.