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“Faraway words” with the award-winning scientist Vasilis Fthenakis | 10.04.22

One of the most distinguished scientists in education and family issues, the award-winning professor Vasilis Fthenakis, was a guest of the “Voice of Greece” and spoke with Natasa Vissarionos and Giannis-Stelios Tzirvelakis.

Mr. Fthenakis “mapped” his overall course, from Crete to Munich, Germany, where he continued his studies and charted a very important course

On the broadcasting program “Faraway words” Professor Fthenakis spoke not only about his career but also about the issues that concerned him during his career, which remain crucial to this day: what is the role of a father in the family? What changes are taking place today?

Issues of different kinds of families, divorced parents, and same-sex families were discussed and also how exactly the legislative framework encapsulates the changes of society in its system and what he himself knows through his research. As he said: “Society is ahead of the politicians.

The second part of the discussion was on education, as the guest has many years of experience in the field, being the “architect” of the German education system and the main advisor to each federal government for 20 years. Problems, changes, digitization, structure, and reconstruction, the Greek and German systems (and not only those) were put under the microscope.

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