Take Your Time Prokopis Angelopoulos
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Take Your Time

The episode of TAKE YOUR TIME on Thursday, November 17 had an anniversary atmosphere. Featuring songs associated with the anti-dictatorship struggle or censored by the Junta, the episode had as a guest the editorial director of the newspaper NEOS KOSMOS in Melbourne, Sotiris Hatzimanolis, who talked about the unknown aspect of the resistance against the Dictatorship, which had to do with the Greek newspapers of the Greek Diaspora and especially with the newspaper he worked for, when, in 1973, he emigrated, with his family, to Melbourne. Originally from Chios, he lived during the seven years of persecution of dissidents, among which was his father, and explained that this was the reason why he led his family to the foreign land. Twenty years old, in 1973, as a young journalist, he participated in the effort made by the newspaper to communicate to the Greek Diaspora what was happening back in the Homeland. Mr. Hatzimanolis talked about the headlines of the time, but also of today and how the younger Greek Diaspora generations perceive this anniversary.

During the second hour, we talked with the journalist Rena Theologidou about the cultural crimes of the Junta, on the occasion of her own television documentary on Public Television, which is in ERT’s archive. She remembered what she experienced up close during those difficult seven years of dictatorship, talked about the Artists and Creators and the sad circumstance that forced many of them to continue the struggle on the sidelines, the crimes of aesthetics with the distasteful performances at the Panathenaic Stadium and elsewhere, but also made mention of the Television of the Dictatorship, with its own crimes, both in Aesthetics and News reporting.