Take Your Time Prokopis Angelopoulos
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Take Your Time with Prokopis Agelopoulos | 06 June 2024

On Thursday, June 6, 2024, the show was mainly dedicated to the European elections. Three candidates joined us via telephone. We spoke with Christina Efthymiatou, chemical engineer, candidate with KOSMOS, Maria Dafermou, candidate with PASOK-KINAL, Equality secretary of the party, educator and Dimitris Theodosopoulos, agronomist-surveyor, specialized in issues related to interventions in the streams of Attica, candidate with the Course of Freedom (Plefsi Eleftherias).
Afterwards, we “travelled” to Norway to meet Ms. Alexandra Karra, an immigrant since the Greek Financial Crissi period, who described to us the support that families with children have from the state and unfolded her daily life, making relevant comparisons with Greek reality.
The show ended with international news from Ivana Djordjevic and sports with Antigoni Drakatou, which started with a short interview with Mr. Vassilis Tsagaris, president of the Sports Association of Agia Paraskevi, about the running event organized by them in collaboration with the group claiming the return of the Parthenon sculptures, Bring them Back.