Take Your Time Prokopis Angelopoulos
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Take Your Time with Prokopis Agelopoulos | 31 May 2024

In the last show of the month, on May 31, 2024, after the introduction and the front pages of the newspapers, we met Mr. Vasilis Hatziiakovou, MEP candidate with the ‘Democrats’ party of of Andreas Loverdos, who comes from the field of culture and specifically Publishing. We talked about the struggles we will have to fight for the preservation of Greek cultural heritage and the place of books and literature in schools. Afterwards, we discussed with Mr. Giorgos Kavvathas, president of the Panhellenic Federation of Restaurants Enterprises (POESE) and the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen, and Merchants (GSVEE) and Mr. Giorgos Hotzoglou, president of the Panhellenic Federation of Food and Tourism Workers (POEET), about the situation with workers in our country’s tourist destinations, focusing the conversation on major problems with their accommodation, but also the working conditions with the grueling hours – situations which both increase but also have as a cause the issues that exist with the vacant positions and the inadequacy of the staff.
In the second hour, a guest in the studio of the Voice of Greece was the internationally renowned chef Maria Loi, the woman who has made the mediterranean cuisine famous in the USA and not only. She talked to us about her successful TV show dedicated to Greek Cuisine, the relationship of this Cuisine with Health and healthy living, her award as “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Women’s Association in the USA, and her future plans .
The show ended with Ivana Djordjevic atht the international news and Antigoni Drakatou at sports news.