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Antonis Klapsis about the Treaty of Lausanne on ”Our Global Voice” | 16.01.2024

Antonis Klapsis, Assistant Professor of Diplomacy and International Organization at the University of Peloponnese, spoke about the history of the Treaty of Lausanne (1923-1924), what preceded it, how we arrived at it, what it includes and especially the consequences of the population exchange with Turkey, in the show “Our Global Voice” with Petros Diplas and Dimitris Kontogiannis on Voice of Greece.

Mr. Klapsis pointed out that the Treaty of Lausanne, which consisted of 18 contractual texts including the peace treaty between Greece and Turkey, was the result of a multilateral negotiation. On one side sat the victorious powers of the 1st World War such as England, France, Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Romania, Japan and on the other Turkey because it replaced the Treaty of Sèvres which was never implemented. The Treaty did not only concern Greece and Turkey. The Treaty of Lausanne has undergone various revisions since then, such as Turkey’s annexation of Alexandretta in 1939, the lifting of demilitarization in Evros in 1938 and the transfer of the Dodecanese from Italy to Greece in 1947, he said.

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