Little Girl Of The Sea Nikol Liakostavrou
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Dr. Dimitris Sakellariou and Vasilis Saltagiannis on “Little Girl of the Sea” | 24 May 2024

The “Aegean Explorer”  research vessel’s fate is unknown
In Europe, only in the last 5 years more than ten new research vessels have been built or are being built, while Turkey has at least four new ones.
Two HCMR scientists (Hellenic Centre for Marine Research) talk to us in the studio: Dr. Dimitris Sakellariou, Geologist with specialization in Tectonic and Marine Geology, Coordinator of the project for the new vessel and  Director of Research at the HCMR Institute of Oceanography, and  Vasilis Saltagiannis, Geologist, specializing in Geoinformatics, Scientific Associate at the HCMR Institute of Oceanography. A conversation in the wake of the recent hosting in Greece of the 9th Our Ocean Conference.