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G. Demirtzoglou talks about the Holy Week in Constantinople on “Our Global Voice” | 04 May 2024

Mr Giannis Demirtzoglou, director of the Zografeio Lyceum in Istanbul, referred to the effort being made to preserve the customs and traditions of the United Kingdom. week and not only in the City of 20 million. Today, it has only 2,000 Greeks compared to 230,000 in 1924 on “Our Global Voice” with Dimitris Kontogiannis.

Mr Demirtzoglou made special reference to the established annual visit of the Zografeio Lyceum to 7 epitaphs in extreme parishes of Chalkidona, on the East bank of the Bosporus on Good Friday. Four buses with 80 people set off from Taksim Square for the pilgrimage to extreme communities that have few parishioners, conveying the message “to the surrounding neighbors that Greekness persists”.

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